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wood look tile in cincinnati, ohLuxurious Wood Look Tile in Cincinnati, OH

Upgrade the look of your home with Buddy’s Flooring America and our beautiful wood look tile in Cincinnati, OH. These tiles are designed to replicate the appearance of hardwood or laminate while providing the high durability of porcelain and ceramic. This lets you add the timeless look of hardwood to any room in your home, including high moisture areas where wood flooring is typically not recommended, such as in kitchens or bathrooms.

Limitless Design Options

When you are planning your flooring project, we are here to help. Our expert designers can provide you with advice on which style of tile would work best in each room of your home. We can help you choose the colors and patterns that best fit with your existing décor and aid you with deciding on whether to use wood plank porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles.

With the large selection of tiles we offer in our showroom, you will have no issue finding a surface solution that is perfect for your renovation goals. To learn more about the tile flooring options we have to offer or to discuss your renovation goals with our team, visit our store. We are always ready to help you explore our vast selection and provide you with advice on which surface style, including wood plank ceramic tile, is the right choice for you.

A Robust Flooring Solution

As a homeowner, you want a surface that is long lasting, resilient, and easy to maintain. That’s why deciding on a tile floor is the right choice for your home. Made using robust materials, tile floors are nearly impervious to moisture and will not shift or warp when they get wet.

Tile is also a fantastic conductor of heat and will help to keep your floors cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, porcelain and ceramic wood tiles are simple to maintain, with many messes easily wiping away with a simple cloth or mop. This ease of maintenance allows you to keep your new surface looking great for many years.

Complete Installation Services

After choosing the new floors for your project, have us take care of installing them. Our expert installers have experience working with all the surfaces we offer and will ensure that your new wood tile floors fit seamlessly into their rooms. This way, your new tile floors will look as amazing in your home as they did in our store, and that they will last for many years.


Contact us when you are looking for a flooring solution that combines the timeless look of hardwood with the robustness of ceramic tile. We proudly serve Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas.

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